Building a Foundation for a Lifelong Journey of Learning

    UMS-Wright Preparatory School enjoys a 128 year tradition of academic excellence. In 1900, our secondary school was the first in Alabama to be accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Currently, the school holds dual accreditation through SACS and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). Additionally, UMS-Wright is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).

    • $10 Million

      Amount of merit-based scholarships earned by the Class of 2022

    • 84%

      Percentage of the Class of 2022 to receive merit-based scholarships.

    • 4.0+ GPA

      47 out of 93 members of the Class of 2022 have a 4.0+ GPA

    Lower School

    • K3 - 4th Grade

      Students gain a strong foundation on which to build their future success. Our rigorous programs, extensive enrichment opportunities, and supportive environment allow students the opportunity to grow in mind, body and spirit – the mission of our school. Students are led by expert teachers who work hand-in-hand with every student to ensure they develop a love of learning while mastering essential skills and developing strong character. Our core curriculum emphasizes studies in reading, writing, and math along with providing extensive enrichment courses in the arts, physical education, critical thinking, and Spanish.

    • News & Announcements

      All news and announcements can be found on the weekly Tuesday Times email blasts. For a list of downloadable documents, visit the Documents page of the website.

    • Feature Science Lab

      Students in grades 1 through 4 participate in our EXCEL enrichment class. In a creative, challenging and collaborative environment, students have the opportunity to hone their thinking and problem-solving skills. Through developmentally appropriate activities, students work to advance their organizational, analytical, and critical thinking skills.

      Middle School

      • 5th - 8th Grade

        Our middle school curriculum develops in each student the skills and foundations necessary to be successful in later academics. Students may participate in any of our academic and technology clubs. They also have the opportunity to pursue many co-curricular activities including fine and performing arts and a wide selection of athletics programs.

      • News & Announcements

        All news and announcements can be found on the weekly Tuesday Times email blasts. For a list of downloadable documents, visit the Documents page of the website.

        Upper School

        • 9th - 12th Grade

          These years have the highest impact on students’ futures, and our faculty takes great pride in offering unique and cutting-edge programs that ensure students’ success beyond our gates. From technology-focused labs to innovative education opportunities, students have the full support and experience to succeed at the highest level after graduation.

        • News & Announcements

          All news and announcements can be found on the weekly Tuesday Times email blasts. For a list of downloadable documents, visit the Documents page of the website.

        • FEATURE Project Engage

          Through this one-of-a-kind program, students get hands-on experience off-campus and in the real world. Project Engage is truly a unique program that UMS-Wright students can participate in to expand their opportunities. Areas of focus range from law and aerospace to marching at Disney and international travel. Project Engage provides unmatched education and developmental opportunities that prepare students for beyond high school.

          Click Here to download the 2023-2024 Upper School Course Guide.


          • The Counseling Department at UMS-Wright services students in grades K3-12. The goal is to provide a support system for students, parents and teachers. Counselors listen to students' concerns about academic, emotional or social problems and help students process their problems and plan goals and action. Our goal is to be here for you and your child and to make your child's school years as smooth as possible. Through individual, small group, and large group meetings, the counseling department strives to reach each child and give him or her the tools needed to be successful. For more information regarding the counseling services, please contact Meridy Jones at mjones@ums-wright.org.

          College Counseling

          • The College Counseling Office serves students in grades 7-12, providing classroom guidance and individualized support to students as they learn about and navigate the college admissions process.

            Students in grades 9-12 should log in to their College Counseling Google Classroom page to see announcements, find resources, and stay up to date with all things College Counseling!

            Former UMS-Wright Students: If you need a copy of your transcript, please email Mrs. Cindy Wildberger, Enrollment Director/Database Manager, at cwildberger@ums-wright.org.

            Admissions Representatives: Please use RepVisits (repvisits.com) to schedule a fall in-person or virtual visit with us. Click Here to View the 2023-2024 School Profile.

            Contact Dr. Kristin Odom, Director of College Counseling, at a kodom@ums-wright.org with any questions about College Counseling or visiting UMS-Wright.

          • 12th Grade

            This is a pivotal year for students as they narrow down their list of colleges/universities and start the college application process. The College Counseling Office supports these efforts by hosting college workshops, meeting individually with students, familiarizing students with best practices for specific types of college applications, making resources available to students, connecting students with college representatives, and providing supporting documentation for college applications and scholarship opportunities.

          • 11th Grade

            College Counseling visits with Juniors through multiple class guidance sessions to start awareness of key components in the college admissions process. Through interactive activities, students develop ideas for essays, become more familiar with college terminology, and discover different career options through in-person interactions with career professionals. Juniors are also connected with college representatives in the fall. The Director of College Counseling meets with each Junior family in the spring to prepare for the college application process.

          • 10th Grade

            Through an exploratory process, students review the types of colleges in which they may be interested. Students also learn about the variety of institutions by visiting different campuses through a class college tour. An aptitude and interests assessment helps students begin to develop an understanding of their strengths.

          • 9th Grade

            As 9th graders transition to the upper school, College Counseling introduces building a resume and focuses on students becoming involved through co-curricular and service opportunities. The 9th/10th grade College Counselor meets with each 9th Grade family in the spring to review the student's transcript, learn about standardized test options, and gauge initial involvement.

          • 8th Grade

            College Counseling collaborates with the Middle School Counselor to administer the DiSC assessment, helping students understand their personality traits.

          • 7th Grade

            College Counseling visits the classroom to interact with students and lead them in games to create an awareness of college and career options and terminology.

            Academic Support

            • Mission

              The Academic Support Program is designed to offer supplemental instruction and focus for students with various learning differences. Age-appropriate accommodations are individually designed using a team-based approach including expertise from a variety of professionals. The UMS-Wright Academic Support Team includes: content-area learning specialists, special education teachers, contracted speech/occupational therapists, school counselors, administrators, and a contracted school psychometrist.

            • The Educational Plan

              Through the use of classroom observations, teacher/parent input, universal screenings, and/or formal psychological/educational testing and rating scales, the team facilitates and individualizes learning profiles on each student based on their strengths and weaknesses. From the learning profile, the academic support team creates an Academic Support Plan (ASP) to document a child’s strengths and weaknesses. The plan recognizes how each student processes instruction most effectively and in accordance with the UMS-Wright tradition, helps all students pursue their highest academic potential. The student-centered academic support plan was designed with the intention of creating an environment that unites parent and faculty involvement, to address and meet the individual student’s dynamic learning/emotional needs. This united, team approach is intended to be proactive in aiding students’ abilities to meet and overcome academic challenges without allowing them to adversely affect their educational performance.

            • Get Started

              Without curriculum modification, the Academic Support Program provides supplemental assistance for students through two distinct models of instruction: Guided Study and Second Delivery. For more information on the models of instruction, please contact the Director of Academic Support, Courtney Peak.

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