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    UMS-Wright Preparatory School could not exist without the dedicated support of the entire UMS-Wright family – our parents, alumni, grandparents, trustees, honorary trustees, faculty and staff, past parents, and friends. Your support of our various giving opportunities - The Wright Fund, Capital Campaigns, Special Interest Giving, The UMS-Wright Foundation, and The Wright Legacy Society – allows UMS-Wright to “educate all students to their highest potential in mind, body, and spirit.”

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    the Wright Fund

    Each fall UMS-Wright kicks off our annual giving campaign The Wright Fund, which is vital to the success of our school. Please support our school, our students, and the future of UMS-Wright through The Wright Fund. We ask that you give at your highest potential so that our students can reach theirs.

    the Wright Fund
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      Students & Faculty

      Funds collected help balance the annual operating budget.

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      UMS-Wright Foundation

      Provide funds for the future through the UMS-Wright Foundation.

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      Building Fund

      Support the building fund for future capital projects.

    Culture of giving

    Giving is a core focus of spirit.

    We teach our students the importance of giving back to the community and leaving a lasting impact on those around us.


    Make a lasting impact!

    In addition to The Wright Fund Campaign, UMS-Wright offers more options to donate to the school at the same time as honoring a loved one. The opportunities below are ongoing and give families a great way to show tribute and help us fulfill our mission today and well into the future.

    • The Wright Fund

      How often should I give?


      Where does my donation go?

      Donations support the yearly operating budget, The UMS-Wright Foundation, and the Building Fund. Bridge the gap between the real cost of a UMS-Wright education and tuition revenue.

      Julius T. Wright Society - $5,000 & Up *
      Founder's Circle - $3,000 to $4,999 *
      1893 Society - $2,000 to $2,999 *
      Heritage Society - $1,000 to $1,999
      Head of School Circle - $500 to $999
      Third Century Club - $250 to $499
      Crimson & Grey Association - $100 to $249
      Bulldog Club - under $100 
      * Denotes Leadership Giving Societies

      Donate to The Wright Fund
    • Capital Campaigns

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      Where does my donation go?

      Gifts fund building projects, new buildings, renovations, program enhancements, endowment increases, etc.

    • The UMS-Wright Foundation

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      Where does my donation go?

      The UMS-Wright Foundation was organized in June 1991, with the initial investment being the proceeds from the sale of the Julius T. Wright campus property on University Boulevard after the merger of Julius T. Wright School for Girls and UMS Preparatory School. In 1999, the Foundation further expanded with a gift from the Babe Wilson Estate. The purpose of The UMS-Wright Foundation is to hold and invest funds or other properties for the benefit of UMS-Wright Preparatory School. The Foundation is governed by a separate Board of Trustees who are generally former or current Trustees of UMS-Wright. Annual distributions from the Foundation to the school are used to further the academic, artistic, and athletic objectives of the school as well as for acquiring new property and for providing tuition assistance for qualified students. Through the years, The UMS-Wright Foundation has grown through the generosity of individuals, families, and groups of faithful supporters to include the following Endowments - General, Tuition, Academic, Athletic, and Named Scholarships. There are currently 21 Named Scholarships/Awards managed within the Foundation. The Foundation’s dedication to UMS-Wright Preparatory School has provided endless opportunities for the students and faculty of our school and has also allowed the school to remain debt-free to this day.

    • Special Interest Giving

      How often should I give?

      Both Yearly & Periodically

      Where does my donation go?

      Contributions fund targeted academic and co-curricular programs as well as special projects.

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    Naming Opportunities

    In addition to The Wright Fund Campaign, UMS-Wright offers more options to donate to the school at the same time as honoring a loved one. The opportunities below are ongoing and give families a great way to show tribute and help us fulfill our mission today and well into the future.

    • Honorariums & Memorials

      Gifts can be made to UMS-Wright in honor or memory of a loved one at any time. Gift acknowledgments are sent to the honoree or the memorialized individual’s family upon receipt of the donation. Also, a listing of honorariums and memorials is included in the annual report publication each fall.

    • Memorial Courtyard

      Memorialize a former teacher, alumni, board member or student by donating to the Memorial Courtyard.  Their name will be placed on an individual plaque in the courtyard and will remind all that pass by of their love and dedication to the school.

    • Fence Sections

      A fence section with the name(s) of those that you wish to be remembered will be showcased attractively and prominently on the fence that borders the school or the fence that surrounds Galle-Leatherbury Track.  Whether you choose to honor an entire family or one special alumni or person, this makes a great gift!

    • Named Student Awards & Endowed Scholarships

      The Named Student Awards and Endowed Scholarships provide family members and friends the opportunity to honor the legacy of a loved one. Once a named student award and endowed scholarship has been established, they are bestowed to a current student on an annual basis during specific assemblies. These opportunities allow our school to honor outstanding and deserving students as well as those who were before us.

    • Capital Campaign Naming Options

      During capital campaigns as well as mini-campaigns, the school offers various naming opportunities to our generous donors.

    Named Scholarships

    In addition to The Wright Fund Campaign, UMS-Wright offers more options to donate to the school at the same time as honoring a loved one. The opportunities below are ongoing and give families a great way to show tribute and help us fulfill our mission today and well into the future.

    • The Mary McCall Scholarship


      The Mary McCall scholarship was given by Daniel Thompson McCall, Jr., class of 1927, in loving memory of his wife Mary Edna McCall, wife, mother, and grandmother of UMS-Wright graduates.

    • The Honorable Daniel T. McCall, Jr. Scholarship


      The Daniel T. McCall scholarship was established by Mrs. Nancy McCall Poyner in loving memory of her father, Judge Daniel Thompson McCall, Jr., UMS Class of 1927. Judge McCall had a distinguished career as an attorney and judge. During his life, he served as a member of the Supreme Court of the State of Alabama and was a founding member of the Board of Trustees of Julius T. Wright School for Girls.

    • The Jay White-Spunner Awards


      The Jay White-Spunner Awards are funded by contributions from family and friends of Jay White-Spunner. During his life, Mr. White-Spunner achieved notoriety as a businessman who gained success through hard work and a positive outlook on life. He touched others through his optimistic, energetic life.

    • The Edward Chesley Greene, Sr. Scholarship


      The Edward Greene, Sr. scholarship is given in honor of Eddie Greene who was a UMS-Wright parent, a UMS-Wright trustee and UMS-Wright Board Chairman. This is awarded to a student who makes obvious contributions to UMS-Wright, and sets a good example for other students by giving their best effort in all they do each day.

    • The Edward C. Greene, Jr. Memorial Scholarship


      The Edward C. Greene, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is an award given to a boy in the junior class, who, in the opinion of the faculty and classmates, has a contagious, uplifting personality, superior athletic ability, is academically dedicated, and exemplifies the qualities of loyalty, humility, and friendship. In short, the recipient should be the best all-around boy in the junior class. The award is presented annually by the Greene family, members of the UMS- Wright class of 1996, the Vanderbilt University class of 2000, and others whose lives were deeply touched by Edward.

    • The Eddie Holmes Legacy Scholarship


      The Eddie Holmes Legacy Scholarship is presented to a rising senior, male or female, who has attended UMS-Wright since the 9th grade. The recipient must have competed in varsity golf and/or varsity basketball during high school and must be in good standing academically while also displaying two characteristics which were so apparent in Coach Holmes: A visible love of UMS-Wright and its athletic programs and a fierce competitive spirit when they represent UMS-Wright in sports.

    • The Lyon Newell Memorial Scholarship


      The Lyon Newell Memorial Scholarship is presented to a rising senior who excels in sports, football, and track and field, in which Lyon Newell ‘98 starred at UMS-Wright. While at UMS-Wright, Lyon was an unwavering teammate and a loyal friend. The recipient must display these characteristics as well as have a positive impact on UMS-Wright.

    • The Waitsell Shawn Stillwell Scholarship


      The Waitsell Shawn Stillwell Scholarship was established and funded by Waitsell Shawn Stillwell. The scholarship was established in Mr. Stillwell’s will that he had prepared in 2008. Mr. Stillwell was a graduating member of the class of 1968. This was the 75th graduating class in the school’s history, and Mr. Stillwell was a member of the first class to attend 12 years of classes in the present building on Mobile Street. Mr. Stillwell and his family truly loved UMS-Wright Preparatory School. While at UMS-Wright Mr. Stillwell was a loyal friend and excellent student, and he was a member of the UMS-Wright Band his entire enrollment at UMS-Wright. He and his family were very proud of their Native American heritage and his scholarship reflects his desire to assist students of Native American descent, whether it be male or female.

    • The Elizabeth Worley Haffner Memorial Scholarship


      Betsy Haffner was an educator who taught at Julius T. Wright School for Girls. She was the first female Board member, serving on the Boards of Trustees of UMS and UMS-Wright from 1985-1996. The Elizabeth Worley Haffner Memorial Scholarship has been established to honor the memory of this very special lady by her family. Betsy always demonstrated good judgment, great insight, and unwavering compassion. Most of all, she was a person who loved and cherished her family.

    • The Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Thurber, Jr. Scholarship


      This award was established by family members of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Thurber, Jr., who were known by their family and friends as Chum and Catharine. Chum was one of the visionary businessmen who made possible Mobile’s economic and cultural growth after World War II. Mr. Thurber was also a member of the UMS Board of Trustees, and he and Catharine helped shape the lives of Mobilians who continue to lead our city today.

    • The Krisanna Elisabeth Roberts Scholarship


      Honors an individual who chooses to celebrate life everyday, who always sees the best in people and in situations, who delights in the success of oth- ers, who looks for ways to help others and strives to make others happy, who chooses the right path even when it is not the easy or the popular choice, in short, he/she lives honorably and positively.

    • The Henri McMillian Aldridge Award


      The award was established in memory of Henri McMillan Aldridge by his family and is presented to a rising senior who demonstrates academic excellence and a commitment to community service. Mr. Aldridge, a WWII PT Boat Commander at the D-Day Invasion, was Mobilian of the Year in 1964. His community service and leadership included being Chairman of the Julius T. Wright School’s Founding Board of Trustees, Chairman of the USS Alabama Battleship Commission, President of the Mobile Rotary Club, and an Elder at Government Street Presbyterian Church.

    • The Michael George Scott Scholarship


      The Michael George Scott Scholarship has been established to honor Michael Scott '07 who passed away unexpectedly on June 19, 2016. The Michael Scott MVP Tournament will be held on May 15, 2022 to benefit the Michael George Scott Scholarship. Funds will be used to provide an annual scholarship named for Michael and will be presented to a UMS-Wright student-athlete who exhibits a zest for life, imparts happiness and joy to others, and demonstrates a commitment to UMS-Wright athletics. Michael’s contributions to the UMS-Wright athletics program are remembered as the two-year starting Varsity Football Quarterback, three-year starting Varsity Basketball Point Guard, and Varsity Track Sprinter. His success includes: Football State Championship MVP, Most Valuable Football Offensive Player, and the Bruce Filippini Award given annually to the football player who demonstrates a “Never Say Die” attitude. However, those who knew him well most recall the positive impact Michael had on people’s lives with a beaming smile, general love of life, friends, and family, and a charismatic personality. Most importantly, Michael was a man of character on and off the field. Without fail, he was someone who could be counted on to do the right thing when it mattered without any hint of hubris because of his talent and success.

    • The William Alexander Lewis Mitchell Memorial Scholarship


      UMS-Wright established the William Mitchell Memorial Basketball Tournament as well as the William Mitchell 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament as a way to honor William’s boundless energy and gentle manner that the UMS-Wright family will always remember. William had attended UMS-Wright for almost fourteen years before his tragic death during his senior year in 2005. Though he was so much more than just a high school athlete, it was his basketball skills and his dedication and passion for the sport that really distinguished his years at UMS-Wright. All proceeds will benefit The William Alexander Lewis Mitchell Memorial Scholarship at UMS-Wright. Our hope is that William’s athletic talent and his contributions to UMS-Wright, both on and off the court, will be honored through this unique event and scholarship for years to come.

    • The Paul D. (Bubba) and Mary Ann B. Murray Family Scholarship


      The Paul D. (Bubba) and Mary Ann B. Murray Family Scholarship is intended to reward a student genuinely committed to maximizing the student’s potential in mind, body, and spirit. The student should be a rising 9th grader who is humble, of high integrity, and a hard worker that does not waste God-given abilities.

    • The David Miller Award


      The David Miller Award is awarded to a member of the Boys Varsity Golf Team who displays the same competitive nature and unwavering team spirit that made David a championship caliber golfer and a loyal, supportive teammate. David led his high school golf team to multiple state championships before accepting a golf scholarship to the University of Georgia, a SEC powerhouse and NCAA Champion. After a successful collegiate career, David spent some time as a pro golfer, but he eventually chose to leave professional golf to dedicate himself to being a father and husband.

    • The J. R. “Ronnie” Cross Bulldog Award

      The J. R. “Ronnie” Cross Bulldog Award is presented to an outstanding Student Athlete who is a leader among their peers and possesses exemplary character. This is given in memory of Ronnie Cross a dedicated UMS-Wright Trustee who served from 1979 through 1993. Mr. Cross was an effective leader for our school during the merger of University Military School and Julius T. Wright School for Girls.

    • The Marilynn Graf Sullivan Memorial Scholarship


      The Marilynn Graf Sullivan Memorial Scholarship is named in memory of an extraordinary woman who was devoted to her husband of 59 years as well as her children and grandchildren, many of whom are alumni of UMS, Julius T. Wright School for Girls, and UMS-Wright Preparatory School. Mrs. Sullivan was a fierce competitor and dedicated teammate while excelling on the field hockey and lacrosse fields, tennis courts, and golf course. She embraced every facet of her life with similar passion and enthusiasm.

    Planned Giving

    In 1893 Dr. Wright's goal was to provide an education for the whole person, and that goal remains central today at UMS-Wright. As Dr. Wright once said, "The school, and every auxiliary of the school, must keep in mind that now abideth mind, body, and spirit, these three; but the greatest of these is spirit." It is with great care that the leaders of our school move through each day with Dr. Wright's ideals and our mission in mind. We thank not only our leaders, but also the entire UMS-Wright Family for their help in equipping our students. A task this grand can not be done without the help of others - our dedicated supporters. For decades countless alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends have made gifts that enhance the learning and teaching experience here at UMS-Wright. We now ask for your commitment to the future of our school as we launch The Wright Legacy Society, our planned giving initiative. This effort will honor donors who have provided for our school in their will or estate planning by directing gifts to the UMS-Wright Foundation. Please join us today as a Charter Member of The Wright Legacy Society as we strive to reach our goal of 100 members by September 2024. Legacy Giving, also referred to as planned giving, allows for donors to make an impact and ensure the future of a beloved organization far beyond their lifetime. There are many vehicles and options when it comes to planned giving while some of the most simple are through bequests in the donor's will or living trust, 401k, IRAs, retirement plans, cash, and life insurance policies.
    For more detailed information, view The Wright Legacy Society Brochure

    Choose your way to make impact

    Every donation builds a better future for our students and the UMS-Wright family.

    We welcome donations of all sizes and frequencies. Whether you can give one time or annually, each dollar helps ensure we are able to help students achieve their highest potential.

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      Create your legacy

      If you are looking to make a lasting impact on the future of UMS-Wright, we can custom tailor a scholarship or endowment fund.

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